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I have over 20 years of web design and development experience, specializing in hospitality design. I enjoy the dynamic range of projects that I get to work on along with the unique challenge of trying to always create something different and new for each project.

As a Senior Designer at Amadeus, my primary responsibility involves spearheading discussions on optimizing hotels and resorts' online presence for enhanced guest experiences and increased profitability for our clients. In this capacity, I work alongside cross-functional teams, facilitating design discussions and leveraging my expertise to identify new and innovative ideas.

Selected Works

Mountain View Grand Resort
Mountain View Grand
Bluefin Bay
Bluefin Bay
The Peabody Hotel
The Peabody Hotel
Allegretto Vineyard Resort
Allegretto Resort
The Verb Hotel
The Verb
The Mission Inn Resort
The Mission Inn
Eureka Casino
Eureka Casino
Summit Lodge
Summit Lodge

UI Library

This is my playground for experimenting with custom designs and finding solutions for developers who encounter challenges. I'll use HTML, CSS, and minimal JavaScript, and while I welcome you to explore and use my work, please note that as a part-time developer, there may be better ways to accomplish the same thing.

Hamburger 3/4 Menu

A simple hamburger menu with room for navigation and important content. Also ties an image to each nav item rollover.

View Menu ↗

Flex-Box Grid List

Simple list of items using flex-box. Needed to have the button area to line up to each other per row.

View Grid ↗

PHP Date Formatter Function

One of those items a developer told me they could not do.

View Date Function ↗

CSS Alternating Rows

Alternating row backgrounds based on nth number of options

View Alternating Rows ↗

Blood Pressure Keeper

Blood Pressure UI idea.

View Blood Pressure Keeper ↗

Layered Background Image

A simple background with gradient overlay that a developer told me was complicated to do.

View Background ↗

Clip-Path Using an Internal SVG

Took a lot of research to figure this one out.

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Tools & Things

Screenshot Prep

A simple Adobe XD plugin to help prep imported screenshots for share links.

Download Plugin

The Animator

Costruct simple animations to share with your team.

View Animator ↗

Family Feud

Base template to host your own Family Feud game on Zoom or the like

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I have been designing and building web sites for over 20 years. Most of that time has been spent in the hospitality industry working on projects for major hotel, resort, and casino clients. I am a problem solver and work well under pressure, even when deadlines are short. I leverage my experience to meet client expectations and keep user experience at the forefront of everything I do. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with new designers and also enjoy listening to what they bring to the table as I, myself, am constantly learning. In the next chapter of my career I hope to lead a team and nurture the future of web designers and designers in general.


Senior Designer at Amadeus (Jan 2019 - Present)

Senior Designer at TravelClick (Aug 2007 - Dec 2018)

Web Developer/Designer at Blue Square Studios (Oct 2005 - Aug 2007)

Senior Flash Developer at Interactive Sites (Jan 2001 - Oct 2005)


Web Design/Development

Industry Software


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